Est. 1994  ∑  (610) 586-7280  ∑  (610) 586-7281
901 Lincoln Avenue, Prospect Park, PA 19076
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Open 6 Days A Week

Tuesday Thru Thursday
11 AM 'till Midnight
Friday & Saturday
11 AM 'till 1 AM
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Welcome To Prospect Park!  
Our Mission Statement:

     We donít shop around for different or cheaper brands Of food from our distributorís. Almost all of our top brand food products we order have not changed in the 13 years that we have been open.

     We never change our portion amounts on our menu items. We have been giving the same amounts since We've opened. Anything from the amount of cheese on our pizza, the meat on our steaks and hoagies, our wing sauce, down to the portion of french fries that we give per order. We try our best to be consistent! That coupled with great service that we provide is what Cornerstone Pizza is all about! Come see and taste the difference for yourself!

     Thanks To Our Many Loyal Customers"

     BUZZ and DAVE